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Prevent Hacking

We utilize proactive vulnerability assessment and management solutions to ensure your network security. Our motto is
“be proactive, be protected.”

Off-Site Backup

Don’t let your data be at risk. We provide off-site back up services hosted on our servers. Your data is encrypted and only you have access to it. Safe, secure, and reliable.

Professional and Reliable

Our team of dedicated, seasoned IT professionals are always ready to assist you at a moments notice. Security is our number one focus.

About us

Etopia Technologies was founded in 2001. We are a local Long Island company headquartered in Rocky Point, NY, serving both Nassau and Suffolk counties. Over the years we have developed our business, and honed our skills as competent and reliable partners serving small to medium sized businesses.

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What clients say about us

I would just like to take a moment of your time to thank you for your always prompt, efficient and professional computer service that your firm E-topia has provided to my accounting firm over the last two years. I truly believe that you helped me and my firm survive last tax season. The software vendor whose tax software I use to prepare both individual and corporate tax returns had many issues with Windows 10. The resolution of these issues would not have been possible without the assistance of you and your Company. Since then we have relied upon your professional expertise for all of our IT needs and things have never been better or easier. Thank you.

Ronald SerodaPC, CPA

Etopia has been a reliable and informative company with a huge amount of technical know how and skill. They have on the spot answers and solutions that have allowed us to further advance our assistance to our clients and to better service our communities needs. A big thank you to all their staff.

​Janene GentileExecutive DirectorNorth Shore Youth Council

Etopia Technologies’ proactive attention keeps us running efficiently. Whenever there is a problem, every call is answered or promptly returned and every issue is quickly and completely resolved. Their attention to detail and ability to remotely manage our security concerns has made them our number one choice for our network security consulting . Thanks for your good work.

Lark Shlimbaum Shlimbaum and Shlimbaum Law Offices

At a time when cyber security, identity and information theft is paramount in everyone’s mind, you feel that it happens all around you, but it won’t happen to you… until it does! When you find that your information has been attacked, where do you go?  Well, it did happen to me and I was lucky enough to find Etopia.  What will it cost to repair the damage? It is so much easier to get protection from danger than to fix the mess that can occur, the damage to you, your information, your security! Etopia is there from the beginning, protecting from the assault of those that wish to harm and steal, but also to be vigilant and see what is coming before it can do any harm. In a time when EVERYTHING we do and everything we own and have worked hard to achieve is out there on the Internet, our credit cards, banking information, business files, personal data, is in a “cloud”, what is it worth to you to protect this very sensitive information that we send out there? The very important, personal, sensitive information is at risk and vulnerable to those predators who’s aim is to corrupt and destroy! You can’t afford to take that chance and with Etopia as part of your security team you don’t have to worry… they never sleep!

Gloria Brogan Ph.D., CPC, CCS, ACS-AN, CPMA, CEO

Etopia came into our organization and stabilized our desktops, network and point of sale systems.  They are always willing to take on new IT challenges as we update all our platforms to the latest technology while making sure our systems are protected from intrusions.  Creative, reliable and dependable.

Diane Burke Executive Director and CEO

We have been working with Jason and the staff at Etopia since the inception of our company in 2005. We have found them to be quick to respond, reliable and very knowledgeable in many areas which has enabled us to use the same company at each phase our growth. In the early days when things were simple, we used them to run a few network line and install a handful of computers. Now that our company has grown we have numerous servers, higher levels of security and we even utilize theirs services to monitor and insure that our backups are clean which is a task that most companies overlook and unfortunately pay a dear price for their negligence…. I recommend Etopia to companies of all sizes.

Tom Passaro President

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