At Etopia Technologies, we offer a full range of IT related services provided by trained and certified technicians. As a leading local Long Island Business IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) we provide proactive IT Support & Infrastructure Management and full-service strategic IT consulting services. We allow you to concentrate on running your businesses while we manage your IT needs. Our experienced team of technical support experts and strategic IT staff provide your business with the powerful range of supplemental and ongoing outsourced IT support solutions you need to grow your business.

Our rapid response team is able to respond quickly to any situation that should arise and can often resolve problems in a single visit. Whether you need a full service provider, help making changes to your already existing networks, or a ground up solution, Etopia is there for you and your diverse business challenges. We can do all of this by offering a flexible pricing model that allows us to customize your individual support package based upon your needs and budget. We have partnered with a wide range of industry leaders in their fields to bring you the comprehensive solutions you need. Check out “Our Partners” pages to see what companies we use to help secure and maintain your network.

Remote Support