Our Mission

Etopia Technology’s mission is to bring comprehensive, cutting edge IT services and solutions to small and medium sized businesses with a focus on security and compliance. To develop cost effective and highly reliable information systems that ensures our clients success in making technology a seamless and productive part of their organization.

The Key To Our Success

We are knowledgeable in a wide range of Network Security standards, security systems authentication protocols, video security systems and perimeter detection. We take the time to get to know your business, customizing a program that meets your needs no matter what your industry.

What Makes Us Perfect For You

Specializing in small to medium sized businesses helps us to keep costs low and allows us to pass those savings on to you. We offer scalable solutions to suit your current needs and budget, as well as looking at where your business is going.

What We're About

We realized that as a business grows, so does it’s IT and Security needs. We understand that small to mid-sized businesses don’t have fortune 500 budgets to meet these needs and have dedicated ourselves to offering security services and vulnerability management solutions at an affordable cost.

We offer a proactive, full service approach to ensuring utmost security for your network environment. We pair our expertise in network configuration and security with other physical security mediums such as Network Video Security and Perimeter Detection systems.

Our clients rely on our professional and knowledgeable technicians to keep their networks running smoothly, minimizing down time while offering peace of mind when it comes to their cyber security needs.




Our clients are some of the biggest names in the Long Island area and rely on our professional and knowledgeable technicians to keep their companies running. Minimizing down time while at the same time offering peace of mind when it comes to their cyber security.


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